A man who never makes mistakes is a man who does nothing.

We also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military has changed.

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You know, when that guy drinks he changes. He keeps talking on and on, so I don't really want to drink with him.

I feel resentment against your unwarranted criticism.

I'd prefer it if what I'm about to tell you stayed between the two of us.

Why don't you finish it now?

You have butterfingers.

You've got my phone.

Sometimes he acted as if he were my boss.

Danielle didn't have lunch.

Pharamp paid a fine for illegal parking.

Is it true that you bought a house in London?

Harmon didn't fool us.

I've been studying French.

Pria is unsociable.

The bribery scandal cast doubts on the government.

Eva suffers from debilitating migraines.

Let's just do this.

I can't come with Daniele

What were the chief events of last year?

These days you can't walk down the street without seeing people dropping litter.


What do you think Syun would have said?

Elvis almost looks happy, doesn't he?

I brought up two children alone.

Fanned by the strong wind, the flames spread in all directions.

Let's go get drunk.

Adil likes anthropology.

It wasn't planned.

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Santa lives at the North Pole.

There is a vision of the future world in his books.

The U.S. economy shrugged off the '87 Crash.


This is the first time I've ever learnt Chinese.

You shouldn't be here now.

It's good to know that Dan no longer dates Linda.

He said that he had met him a week ago.

I haven't got any pen.

I'm a swot.

Did you ever sell your house in Boston?

I resent that.

Marcel turned off the air conditioner.

We want to offer you the job.

I kept this for you.

He has tea every morning.

He lives within a stone's throw of the sea.

Simon wouldn't be pleased.

He will not say yes.

She traveled by bus.

This no longer matters.


Again, there is another side to the story.

How fast that horse runs!

She handed me the letter without saying anything.

His sudden appearance surprised us all.

Sofoklis is pretty laid back.

Unfortunately, the hotel that you suggested was completely booked up.

Is your religion relevant throughout the whole Solar System?

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What time are you meeting me?


Angela made me an offer I couldn't refuse.


Is Glenn back?

He's the kind of guy who doesn't take women seriously.

Maybe I exaggerated.

You can't live here anymore.

I'll get by if I have a place to sleep.

Robert told me that the trip had been canceled.

I have fought.

It doesn't get better.

Tad and Myrick were both crying.

For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

The problem is that Nancy doesn't go to the club meetings.

Depending on your location, there's a chance of snow.

Who won the prize?

Senior executives spend a lot of time training their subordinates.

The orchestra members respected Mr Smith as a conductor.

I thought it might be useful.

How is it possible that no one saw Janos escaping from the prison cell?


Here comes the bus!

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The alarm clock is ten minutes fast.


There might've been a mix-up.


We're collecting blankets for the homeless.

Could you please follow up on that idea after the meeting?

You can have any cake on the table.


Our rocket is being built.


You shouldn't stay here.

I would do anything for love.

You can't fire him.

I'm sorry that I had been viewing you as a liar until just a few minutes ago.

Milk can be made into butter, cheese, and many other things.

Two sockets are not enough for a meeting room.

Away with you!


Have you considered trying to find a job in Boston?

Hank strummed his guitar.

What in the world are you doing here?

I hate insects of all kinds.

I don't have anything except for ten books.

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That was a lot of fun.


The storm caused a power outage.

Our lunch break's over.

This will do.

You'll get another chance.

We'll find something.

I don't like being questioned.

Alastair will pick me up after school.

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I have gone into all the details of this thing whether they seemed to me relevant or not.

Mark took the book.

A bottle of water goes for 5 francs in Bastions Park!

I think they like you.

Could I speak to Sugih, please?


This is a free newspaper.

Where is the Internal Medicine Department?

There were holes here and there.


We're having five guests tonight.


I'm not going to leave until I find out what happened.


You need to stop pretending that you don't care.

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Boeree began work on LFN in 1965, with the goal of creating a simple language. He was inspired by reading about Lingua Franca, a pidgin used around the Mediterranean sea in centuries past.

She excused herself for coming late.

When will the winners be announced?

You're doing good work here.

This is an exquisite little painting.

These two plans are alternative.

Amigo said you were looking for me.


Don't try to be all things to all men.

The old man you saw today in the studio was Baron Hausberg. He is a great friend of mine, buys all my pictures and that sort of thing, and gave me a commission a month ago to paint him as a beggar.

He is busy writing a letter.

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Can I sit here?

Who do you think will win the gold medal?

I still have a job to do.


Do you trust my judgment?

She has fair skin and hair.

Lou had no choice but to give Terry what she asked for.

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Syun is very safety conscious.

I'm trying to lose weight.

I'll call him when I get there.

There is no piety in the world which is not the result of cultivation, and which cannot be increased by the degree of care and attention bestowed upon it.

Becky could have done anything he wanted.


Mr. Jackson, your son has died of an overdose.


Luc got home about 2:30.

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Your father has been in Paris, hasn't he?

I've already informed Part that he needs to be here early tomorrow morning.

I can give you my personal assurance of that.


You must be kidding!

I sat for some time and then went away.

Odessa and Sebastopol are seaports on the Black Sea.

That person is a master inventor.

Celia called a taxi.

What I like best is going on Ferris wheels.

In the garden, you know. I'd like to put out benches and increase the customer seating. Like this ...

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Which number should I call in an accident?

Can we have a word with you?

We have to find a way to help Pratt.

I've had some problems dealing with Sergiu.

I'll get in touch with you again about this matter.

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I'm waiting to hear from Tuna.


What do you mean by cultural relativism?

Although the man's ideas are sound, because he can't express them well, he doesn't have a ghost of a chance of getting them accepted.

Hon kissed Werner gently.

There were figures there from those of an age best called girls and boys to those who looked to be old enough to be about to live out their life span.

We're in third place.

She has only six months to live.

That's the story.


She handed me the letter without saying anything.

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Manjeri said she didn't need a husband.


We're looking forward to seeing you again.

Having been busy all day yesterday, I feel very tired this morning.

Do you want to hear something funny?